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World Wildlife Fund (WWF) releases “Plowprint Report:2018” – The purpose of the Plowprint analysis is to identify remaining intact habitat across the Great Plains. This is done by tracking cumulative loss of grassland to cropland over time. WWF is estimating cumulative loss of grasslands because the conversion of intact grasslands represents a significant ecological loss that cannot easily be recovered. WWF is dedicated to eliminating grassland loss in the Northern Great Plains by 2030 to ensure a vibrant future for the human and wildlife communities across the region.

Highlighting Annual Energy Tours in Western North Dakota – Story and Photos by Mike McEnroe and Al Sapa

Report to the Membership of the North Dakota Chapter of the Wildlife Society – by Mike McEnroe and Al Sapa


  • Keeping All the Pieces” – a 15-minute documentary film that promotes conversations about the public lands of western North Dakota known as the Badlands (Badlands Conservation Alliance).
  • Meadowlark Whiplash: Why the State Bird of North Dakota is Leaving Home- Published on Feb 9, 2016 – The Western Meadowlark is the state bird of North Dakota. Like the human cultures that have grown on the landscape for millennia, the wildlife and natural ecosystem have depended on native tall grass prairie. Today, it’s nearly all gone from the state. Soon, the meadowlark may be too.
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