The NDCTWS presents awards to recognize and commend outstanding achievements in wildlife-related activities in North Dakota.

  • The NORTH DAKOTA AWARD is presented to an individual for outstanding contribution to the profession of wildlife management.
  • The NORTH DAKOTA WILDLIFE HABITAT AWARD is presented to an individual or group that has made an outstanding contribution toward preserving and/or establishing high quality wildlife habitat.
  • The NORTH DAKOTA CASE OF THE YEAR AWARD is presented to the person(s) primarily responsible for the conviction of persons guilty of a serious natural resource violation.
  • The STUDENT AWARDS are presented to outstanding undergraduate natural resource students attending University of Mary, University of Jamestown, United Tribes Technical College, Dakota College at Bottineau, North Dakota State University (NDSU), Sitting Bull College, University of North Dakota (UND), and Valley City State University. In addition, two outstanding graduate students awards (one from NDSU and one from UND) are presented each year.
  • Other awards may be given to individuals or groups that show outstanding achievements in wildlife-related fields.

2018 NDCTWS Award Winners (click here for narrative of each award winner)

2018 North Dakota Award – Kristine Askerooth

2018 North Dakota Wildlife Habitat Award – Marshall Johnson

2018 Charles V. Pulver North Dakota Case of the Year Award – Corey Erck, Greg Hastings, Mike Sedlacek, Jerad Bluem, Jeff Sieger

2018 Bill Bicknell Legacy Scholarship – Kade Thompson

2018 Past President’s Award – Rick Nelson

2018 Student Awards:

Andrew Barnas, UND-Graduate Student

Kevin Cortes, NDSU-Graduate Student

John Palarski, UND

Shelby Lewis, NDSU

Spencer Dorsey, Dakota College at Bottineau

Dalton Scheuring, VCSU

Kimberly Blevins, UTTC

Olivia Griffith, UMary

Morgan Thomas, U of Jamestown

Kylee Harrison, Sitting Bull College