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New Book Available – “Estimation of Parameters for Animal Populations : A Primer For the Rest of Us”

Larkin Powell (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) and George Gale (King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand) have recently published a book entitled “Estimation of Parameters for Animal Populations: a primer for the rest of us.”  The book, with a foreword by John Carroll, is a simple introduction to the logic behind analyses and sampling design for mark-recapture and survey efforts.  With a focus on the early user and beginner, the book explains the complicated formulas and statistics that can be effectively used around the world in support of conservation efforts.  The book is complementary to more advanced resources available (e.g., MARK manual, Williams et al. 2002), and it was created to be used for teaching—consider it as introductory reading for a graduate or upper-level undergraduate course.  The book cost is $17.50 at the link below—priced inexpensively for US students, but also for students world-wide who do not have resources to purchase more expensive books.  Pass the word to your colleagues around the globe.  It will be available via Amazon and Barnes/Noble soon.

Book can be purchased at:

Chapters are also available for free, individual download at:!estimation-of-parameters-for-animal-pop/c3mq